Founded in 1990 by Fashion designer Helen Unuane, Maison de Helen (MDH) is a high-fashion African Luxury Brand based in Lagos Nigeria.
Celebrated for her bold, elegant and unique designs, MDH works hand-in-hand with indigenous fabric producers and artisans across Africa, to develop exquisite fashionable pieces for the modern day African Woman and women who resonate with amazing pieces and collections from Africa.
MDH offers a full collection of ready-to-wear and accessories, and has established itself as a leader of feminine silhouettes in the fashion industry.
Beautiful Pieces with Great African History
Our raw materials are sourced from rural and remote areas across Africa who have placed a unique premium and proud history on African heritage and production processes involved. These include Fabrics sourced from the Akwete people of Nigeria who specialize in hand woven textured fabrics, the Bark Cloth made in the Buganda Kingdom in southern Uganda, the Mud Cloth from Burkina Faso, Batik from Namibia, Kuba raffia cloth from Congo, Bongolan from Mali, Kanga cloth from Tanzania, and many many more.
Science of the African Craft
The craft of making these materials are typically passed on from generation to generation. it is very unique to the indigenous people of the particular village or region in question. Some of the fabrics are hand woven from cotton, like the Akwete Cloth from the eastern part of Nigeria, while some like in the case of the Bark cloth from the Buganda Kingdom in southern. Uganda are gotten from a tree commonly found in that region, and processed into wearable fabrics.
Making Africa a better place
Our Mission is to empower African families, to offer the world a means of connecting with Africa through a product that touches people’s lives, and to demonstrate to the world that the quality of merchandise from Africa
meets and exceeds that of similar items from other countries particularly
in the fashion Industry.
Our African Heritage and values
Customer experience
Sustainable development
Human Empowerment, especially the African people
Impacting Africa and the world

We are out to make impactful developments for the people in all the rural areas that our raw materials come from. This is achieved by providing
technical support in the various manufacturing processes, to enable maximum productivity thereby increasing income for the families.
we are also very passionate about educating and empowering the girl child across Africa, through scholarships and various training programs.

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