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Beautiful African bridal look, inspired by the Edo culture of Nigeria. Adorned in Coral, Beads, and Rhinestones, this dress gives every Bride a strong Sense of the African heritage.

The rich culture of Edo state is evident in the beautiful, elaborate attire of the Edo bride. She is a showstopper, generously decked in coral beads on a backdrop of fabric. She wears beaded anklets, waist beads, and bracelets around her wrist called the Ivie-ebo, earrings called Emi-ehorivie, a cape called Ewu-ivie made entirely of beads, while holding her beaded clutch or Ekpa-ivie.

The Edo bride is a queen who must have her crown- an intricately beaded piece of art called Okuku. Traditionally, her hair is put up in a high up-do called Eto-okuku, and the beads are sewn directly onto the hair.

Maison de Helen can only make an Edo bride look stunning with our bridal collection

We use MDH sizing for all of our items, as our products are all designed and assembled in Africa. On the product page you will find a link to our Size Guide to help you match the size displayed online to the one you usually wear. Where an item runs small or large to size, this will also be identified in the item description. Should you have any doubts before you purchase, please do not hesitate to contact: info@maisondehelen.com 

(Measured in Inches)

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8 34 28 38
10 36 30 40
12 38 32 42
14 40 34 44
16 42 36 46
18 44 38 48
20 46 40 50

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We have always believed in the power of locally made products. The quality of the craftsmanship and the local artisans we collaborate with are what makes MDH our mission in life.

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